Privacy Policy

BANGKOK CRAFTER has created this privacy policy to protect the personal information of every customer contacting through the BANGKOK CRAFTER website as follows:

Collection of Personal Information

BANGKOK CRAFTER will collect user personal information such as name, birthday, company, email address, address/shipping address and zip code, telephone number, National ID/Passport number, hobbies, and lifestyle. BANGKOK CRAFTER will store user information for 10 years from the date that users registered to order the product.

Use of Personal Information

  1. BANGKOK CRAFTER will only use user personal information as necessary to provide service, information, news, product recommendations and benefits, marketing research analysis, surveying user opinion on the organization or activities of BANGKOK CRAFTER only.
  2. BANGKOK CRAFTER certifies that selling or distributing users’ personal information to third parties is strictly prohibited, unless only with user permission.
  3. In case that BANGKOK CRAFTER has hired other agencies to process user personal information, such as postal delivery Statistical analysis in the business or other activities, BANGKOK CRAFTER will require that agency to keep the confidentiality and security of user personal information. Using such personal information for Non- BANGKOK CRAFTER proposes prohibits.

Maintain Control of User Personal Information.

For the benefit of maintaining user privacy, users have the right to choose to share personal information in order to receive further marketing information from BANGKOK CRAFTER. Please notify BANGKOK CRAFTERS by filling in the request via writing or email us.

Security for Personal Information

For the benefit of protecting the confidentiality and security of user personal information, BANGKOK CRAFTER has set up internal procedures to determine the right to access or use user personal information. To protect the confidentiality and to secure user information, BANGKOK CRAFTER provides secure communication channels for such information by encrypting, such as using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol etc.

Cookies Policy (Cookies)

“Cookies” are the information that BANGKOK CRAFTER sends to the Web Browser. Once such information has been installed in the system and if “Cookies” are used, the website will be able to save or remember the information of users until users exit the web browser, deletes the “Cookies”, or disable “Cookies”.

If users allow using “Cookies”, users will be more comfortable with the website because “Cookies” will help remember the surfed websites.

In this regard, BANGKOK CRAFTER will use the information that “Cookies” have recorded or collected for statistical analysis or other activities of BANGKOK CRAFTER to further improve the quality of our services.

Privacy Policy Updates

BANGKOK CRAFTER may update or amend the privacy policy without notifying users in advance. For the appropriateness and efficiency of the service, BANGKOK CRAFTER recommends that users read the privacy policy every time users visit or use the services.

Compliance with The Privacy Policy and Contact with BANGKOK CRAFTER BANGKOK CRAFTER

In case that users have any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding this privacy policy or compliance with the privacy policy, BANGKOK CRAFTER is willing to answer any questions, as well as to hear all suggestions and comments to help improve the service of BANGKOK CRAFTER further. Users can contact BANGKOK CRAFTER as shown below.

E-mail :